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In airplane

To reach Sorrento in airplane needs to take a flight for Naples Capodichino, dista from Sorrento 50 kms, the port is connected with the most greater Italian and foreign places. Dall ' airport will be simple to reach Sorrento thanks to manifold solutions: the fastest and comfortable service is the line Curreri, a bus that in 50 minutes ca will stop you to the stops of every country of the Peninsula Sorrentina, the bus he takes to the exit from the airport.
The hotels of Sorrento often organize (on application) with his/her own service of transfers the transfer near the hotel structure.
A lot of societies sorrentines offer the service of personal transfer.
Another solution they are the taxis, bus and shuttles that connect to the principal station in Naples (Garibaldi Plaza), from there you can catch the train of the Circumvesuviana with destination Sorrento.

In train
The mean of faster and economic transport to reach Sorrento is in train. You will have to take a ticket for the Central Station in Naples Piazza Garibaldi, where the trains arrive from all the cities of Italy. Taking the staircases of the underpass, to the exit from the station, you will reach the platforms of the Circumvesuviana, to choose the train with destination Sorrento, the runs there are every 30 minutes ca.
The ticket is to effect in newspaper kiosk or to the box-office of the station. The trip lasts 60 minutes, and even if your destination is one of the countries of the Peninsula Sorrentina been calm that effects all the stops.
In car
Before reaching Sorrento, the first indications to be followed in highway are those for Naples. You take the A3 in direction Peninsula Sorrentina and you take the exit to the tollgate of Castellammare of Stabia, you will arrive on the 145 SS Sorrentina, that will bring you to Sorrento crossing the whole coastline and crossing the most greater communes of the Peninsula: Seiano, Destination, Sant'Agnello and finally Sorrento.
From Naples the trip dista from Sorrento 44km and hard around 60 minutes if there is a normal flow of traffic, in the months between June and August you/they could be met some lines.
By sea
To reach Sorrento by sea there are numerous runs of hydroplanes and ferries that in about 40 minutes they bring you to the I bring of Sorrento, the trip is very comforting but it is the most expensive.
Comes in the I bring of Sorrento to come the center you can take the shuttles or to cross 500 meters afoot.
  Greater info:

"Sorrento Express": a dive in the past between Sorrento and Naples

For a walk to the insignia of the epoch ancient bell we recommend you to climb on the train “Sorrento Express”, a train of epoch risalente to 1942, reconstructed with material original, but endowed with conditioned air, hi-fi plant and a pleasant snack of the local tradition (sfogliatelle,caffè,babà,ecc) that you/he/she will be served during the trip of going Sorrento-Naples, to the return a coffee will be offered to the passengers with chocolates.
The train entertains up to 54 passengers, part from Naples, every Sunday, to reach Sorrento, where the driven visit of the city will be effected, the lunch in a historical restaurant and the tasting of typical products sorrentini.
The train returns to Naples in the afternoon at 17.22 o'clock.

When: every Sunday, essential booking
Where: departure from the station in Naples Circumvesuviana at 10.06 o'clock

The costs: adults: European 52,00. Children under the 10 European years 26,00
The quota includes:

- trip going-return Napoli/Sorrento
- driven visit to Sorrento
- lunch and tasting of liqueurs.

Info and bookings: tel. 081 8780862



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