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Crossed Á.: Origins give to the Seven hundred one (crossed historical-artistic)
(Rate plaza, Seat of Door, Street S. Cesareo section, Seat Dominova, town Villa, Church and convent of St. Francis, Victoria Plaza, Hands of Marina Grande, Church of Sant'Anna)

The run begins from the Rate Plaza whose construction goes up again to the XIX century. Giving the shoulders to the handrail that leans out on the I bring of Sorrento you/he/she can be enjoyed of a complete view of the plaza. To the left the hotel Excelsior Vittoria is situated, more before to the left the Church of the Carmine it is noticed. Moving him/it look, the statues of two great protagonists of the history of Sorrento you/they can be observed: that Sant'Antonino (patron of the town) to the center and that of Torquato Tasso (been born to Sorrento in 1544 and author of great works as you Jerusalem Liberata) sets in the plaza in 1870 and absorbed in the green of the aiuoles in front of which stazionano the “wheelchairs”, typical mean of transport in the past and today you use for the walks from the tourists. Starting himself/herself/itself toward right and moving aloft it look a tower is noticed with a clock, it deals with the Seat of Door of the XVI century. Erect near the most greater door in the city, it had various vicissitudes, you/he/she was transformed, in fact, in the jail, after the abolition of the noble Seats, then to body of watch and finally in center of the Circle sorrentino.
To the angle of the Seat it begins Street St. Caesarian. The walk along the road allows to purchase products typical of Sorrento and to enjoy some festive atmosphere that breathes you (in the Christmas period, feasts are for instance, organized with typical soups and tombolate: the road becomes a great oasis of sounds, aromas and colors). besides the shopping ancient buildings can be admired with styles architectural launchings thin to reach the Seat Dominova (it leans out on the said breadth “schizzariello” with reference to a fountain from which “it squirted” continually water). The seat goes up again to the XVI century and is magnificently preserved (in the Christmas period a manger mobile parish priest can also be admired you in the least details with shepherds of the Seven hundred one).
Turning to the right, the road is crossed P.R. Giuliani that conducts near the Town Villa where opportune to make a brief standstill to the shade of the secular plants to rest himself/herself/themselves is, to refresh himself/herself/themselves and to admire the gulf in Naples.
To the exit from the Villa the Church of St. Francis and the adjoining cloister center of concerts you/they can be visited in the summer and one of the places more photographed of Sorrento, select particularly from the couples of bridegrooms foreigners that celebrate the wedding to Sorrento.
Turning to the right along the road V.Veneto meets him one of the most ancient hotels of Sorrento, the Tramontano, that he/she remembers with two plates to have been the house natìa of the very famous poet Torquato Tasso and place of inspiration for the writer H. Ibsen.
You finally comes in Plaza of the Victoria, after having admired the panoramic sight that enjoys him from the baluster him it continues the descent and first Villa Pompeiana meets him, erect on ancient Roman vestigia, then Villa Triton. The run becomes easy because it is in descent and it unties him along one of the most ancient roads, with terraces of stone and you/he/she can admire particularly you one of the Doors, Hands of Marina Grande. Finally he reaches the beach of Marina Grande where the Church of Sant'Anna can be visited, that on July 26 is celebrated in a kermesse that articulates on more days and with religious demonstrations and folcloristiche, as well as a base feast of fresh fish.
Turning aloft it look the jagged coast can be admired that falls to peak on the sea and the works that the man during the centuries has succeeded in realizing digging in the rock.

The run is finished, you/he/she can be returned in center already using afoot a public bus or ripercorrendo the road sort.

  Itinerari Consigliati

Dalle origini al Settecento (Percorso storico-artistico)


Un viaggio a ritroso nel tempo: dall’oggi al passato. (Percorso storico)


Andare per musei


Itinerario di fede


Lungo la costa… aspetti geomorfologici, la vegetazione, le villae romane, i fondali


Tutto l’anno “a spasso” per il mare: pescaturismo ed immersioni

  Le leggende sorrentine

La fanciulla alla quale Sorrento deve ( ! ) il suo nome…


Il mito delle Sirene


Il mito della Regina Giovanna


Le palme di confetti


Il miracolo di Sant'Antonino


Il bavaglino del bambino Gesù

  La sfogliatella Santa Rosa
  La campana a Punta Campanella
  La Pastiera





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