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The gastronomy sorrentina has a millennial tradition that goes up again to the times of the Greek. The production on the spot of wine, oil, vegetables, vegetables you/he/she has always favored the creation of new and tasty dishes that, tasted in pleasant environments for their location, you/they have developed the senses in an ecstasy of feelings and voluptuous and incomparable pleasures.

In the last years the art of the to cook has been revalued in the optics of the “we are that that we eat”. The nutrizionistis have been being served for years spokesman of constructive messages speaking of to eat healthy, to eat with taste to prevent and to fight the illnesses. You/he/she must also be said that currently the food education makes part of the protocol followed by psychologists and sociologists to face the juvenile and senile problem list. A trouble in the feeding is consequence and, at times cause, of problems irrisolti. Plain Pian has spread the tendency to the slow food, to eat to table a complete meal avoiding the you and you run away that it ruins the stomach and the relationships interpersonali. The Mediterranean diet and the kitchen is been revalued besides sorrentina it is a typical expression of this typology of based feeding on natural ingredients and on the variety of the foods.
The chefs and all those people that are daily in front of the stoves I am above all concrete expression of this seam admirable for the passion, the care and the sensibility that show in the preparation of the meals.
The tourists that taste the local kitchen sorrentina stay from there enthusiastic, because based on tastes and perfumes of sea of mountain and the aromatic notes of the dishes they delight their heart and their mind and, non negligible aspect, brings benefits to the physicist.
We also propose some recipes typical of the zone sorrentina to the course of the less experts of the culinary art. Try for believing! And…. Good appetite!


Ristoranti a Sorrento "scelti per Voi"
  Ristorante 'o Parrucchiano
Benvenuti nel "Museo dell'ospitalità". Il ristorante "'o Parrucchiano", dove la grande tradizione gastronomica è ingrediente saliente per accogliere il nostro cliente.Tel. +39.081.8781321
  Ristorante Vela Bianca

Il Ristorante “Vela Bianca” vi da il benvenuto nell’antico borgo marinaro del porto di Sorrento, di fronte al golfo di Napoli.

Offrire la giusta intimità a coloro che vogliono scoprire la tradizionale cucina sorrentina e napoletana rivisitata..

Tel. +39.081.8781144
  Ristorante Villa le Palme

Il Ristorante “Le Palme”, adagiato nel verde delle colline sorrentine, è una splendida “finestra” sul Golfo di Sorrento e di Napoli. Aperto a pranzo e cena, “Le Palme” è adatto per festeggiare anniversari e matrimoni o semplicemente per trascorrere una giornata, una serata in un'atmosfera luminosa, caliente e rilassante.

Tel. 39 0818784868

  Ristorante Donna Sofia
Ristorante Donna Sofia cucina tipica e raffinata, locale elegante in Sorrento.
Tel. +39.081.8773532


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Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

  Melanzane alla Sorrentina
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  Peperoni alla Sorrentina

Saltimbocca alla Sorrentina

  Spaghetti con le noci
  Spaghetti con le zucchine
  Seppioline ripiena alla Sorrentina
  Trippa con fagioli alla Sorrentina


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