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  The legends sorrentine - By the way… of the bell to Point Campanella


The etymology of the name is tied up to a bell. Two different versions exist on the why of the name.
The before the two theories sustains that on the Tower Minerva, where the soldiers of watch's tower were about to sight possible Saracen ships in approach, a small bell that was played in case of danger existed.

The other more known is very fanciful. You narrates that in one of the Saracens' scorribandes in the Peninsula Sorrentina where the church of Sant'Antonino Abate was ransacked, also protecting of Sorrento reached the Point of the Campanella, the ship with a fleet pirate that transported the bell and the other objects stolen in the church, was jammed from a mysterious strength and, in the attempt to proceed and to reach the other fustes that meanwhile they got further, the marauders started to relieve the boat throwing in sea you/he/she departs of their loot. But only when they freed him some bronze bell of Sant'Antonino they succeeded in doubling the point. The legend wants that, not as soon as the bell was thrown in sea, a sudden and strong wind raised him that allowed pirate to reach in few instants the other fustes to the vessel. There be also whoever sustains that on February 14, party of the protecting saint of Sorrento, the bell feels him play sott'acqua, and who doesn't believe it can go to check!


  Le leggende sorrentine

La fanciulla alla quale Sorrento deve ( ! ) il suo nome…


Il mito delle Sirene


Il mito della Regina Giovanna


Le palme di confetti


Il miracolo di Sant'Antonino


Il bavaglino del bambino Gesù

  La sfogliatella Santa Rosa
  La campana a Punta Campanella
  La Pastiera



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I Monumenti da visitare:

  Antiche Mura
  Casa di Cornelia Tasso
  Cisternoni di Sorrento
  Excelsior Vittoria
  Museo Correale
  La Fontana (Via S.Antonino)
  Piazza Tasso
  Punta Campanella
  Sedile Dominova
  Sedile di Porta
  Vallone dei Mulini
  Via delle Grazie
  Via Pietà
  Via San Cesareo
  Chiesa di Sant'Antonino
  Chiesa di Sant'Anna
  Chiesa dell'Addolorata
  Chiesa della SS. Annunziata
  Chiesa di San Francesco
  Chiesa dei Santi Felice e Baccolo
  Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine
  Chiesa e Monastero di San Paolo
  Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie
  Chiesa dei Servi di Maria
  Chiostro di San Francesco
  Porte antiche:
  Porta di Marina Grande
  Porta di Parsano Nuova
  Porta di Marina Piccola
  Villa Comunale
  Villa Tritone
  Villa Fiorentino
  Villa Regina Giovanna


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