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The origin of the term
Since the Middle Ages in Naples it was begun to use the term “piza” to point out various dishes: pizza breads, crush seasoned and crushes to the oven, full and fried disks of pasta.
Today it is the fear in the world that points out a based dish on few ingredient-basic of it more known (flour, water, yeast, oil of olive or melted, mozzarella of bufala) but that for taste and goodness you/he/she is also appreciated by everybody because during the years they have been invented a lot of variations with the use of ham parmesan cheese, anchovies, nutella, etc.
Its origins are remote really because the use of the wheat for the feeding is millennial.

G. B. Found her in his/her work in Neapolitan dialect “The cunto de them cunti”, it inserts a story “Her two pizzelles” even if it is not understood well to what I/you/he/she refer except that it is a dish done with a disk of pasta refolded on a stuffing.
Only in the Seven hundred best man on the scene of the kitchen first Neapolitan and then international the pizza with the tomato in different versions.
Initially the pizzas were prepared to the open one on counters set in the alleys, he/she is known that only in 1830 a real pizzeria to Naples was born, that of Port'Alba, next to the arc between Dante plaza and street Constantinople. It had an oven built in refractory bricks and the fire fed by the firewood, but subsequently he/she was thought about building the ovens dressed again to the inside with the lapillis vesuviani, more proper for the tall temperature and to get best pizzas
The pizzeria Port'Alba, later a lot of time became a meeting of artists and famous writers,; it was there perhaps that Of announcement, on the plan of marble of a tavolino, he/she wrote the verses of one of the most stupendous Neapolitan songs: To vucchella.
And among the illustrious frequenters there was Savior Of Giacomo, that devoted to the pizza more times his/her verses.
In the XIX century the pizza reenters between the most famous uses and customs in Naples entering to make integral part of the Neapolitan culinary tradition. In the text “Uses and customs in Naples” of 1850 De Boucard is written: “The pizza is not found in the dictionary of the Bran, because it does him with the flower (of flour) and because it is a specialty of the Neapolitans, rather in the city of Naples (you hear the correct pride patrio and the thin polemic). you Take a piece of pasta (from bread), widen him/it and stretch him/it with the mattarello or striking him/it with the the palms of the hands, put us above how much it comes in head, season him/it of oil or melted, cook him/it to the oven, eat him/it, and you will know what the pizza is. The pizza breads and the squeezing are alcunché of similar, but I am the embryo of the art."

- To the epoch of the government of Ferdinando and Carolina in Naples you/he/she was made to install, to want some queen, an oven in the building of St. Ferdinando. Queen Carolina, in fact, was greedy of pizza and particularly of that white, redhead and green. They comment the reporters: perhaps Carolina would not have appreciated her so much if you/he/she had known that the three colors would have been those used by another dynasty, hostile of his, that drove united Italy.

- In the summer of 1889 the king Umbertos I with Queen Margherita came in vacation to Naples in the palace of Capodimonte, as it were tradition of the sovereigns that you/they wanted to show to the Southerners to be their neighbors. The queen, incuriosita from how much you/he/she had learned on the pizza, we don't know if from artists or characters of passage to the court, he/she sent to call to court the pizzaiolo Don Raffaele Esposito with his/her/their wife woman Rosa of the pizzeria “Pietro the Pizzaiolo”. The consorts Esposito, using the ovens of the Palace, they not only prepared the famous pizza but also with different ingredients: one with lard, that is a sort of lard, cheese and basil; one with the garlic, oil and tomato and a bystander with mozzarella, tomato and basil, that is with the colors of the Italian flag, that it thrilled particularly Queen Margherita, and not only for patriotic motives.
Mr. Raffaele, from good man of public relationships, it gathered to the flight the occasion and he/she called this pizza "to the Margherita", later the day put her/it in list to its place and had, as you/he/she can be imagined, innumerable applications
... from here the history of the pizza Margherita was born!


Ristoranti a Sorrento "scelti per Voi"
  Ristorante 'o Parrucchiano
Benvenuti nel "Museo dell'ospitalità". Il ristorante "'o Parrucchiano", dove la grande tradizione gastronomica è ingrediente saliente per accogliere il nostro cliente.Tel. +39.081.8781321
  Ristorante Vela Bianca

Il Ristorante “Vela Bianca” vi da il benvenuto nell’antico borgo marinaro del porto di Sorrento, di fronte al golfo di Napoli.

Offrire la giusta intimità a coloro che vogliono scoprire la tradizionale cucina sorrentina e napoletana rivisitata..

Tel. +39.081.8781144
  Ristorante Villa le Palme

Il Ristorante “Le Palme”, adagiato nel verde delle colline sorrentine, è una splendida “finestra” sul Golfo di Sorrento e di Napoli. Aperto a pranzo e cena, “Le Palme” è adatto per festeggiare anniversari e matrimoni o semplicemente per trascorrere una giornata, una serata in un'atmosfera luminosa, caliente e rilassante.

Tel. 39 0818784868

  Ristorante Donna Sofia
Ristorante Donna Sofia cucina tipica e raffinata, locale elegante in Sorrento.
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