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  The legends sorrentine - By the way… of the bib of the Jesus Child  


One of the ancient traditions of Sorrento are the art of the embroidery, to which a lot of girls since small they devoted him spending the whole day slopes on the looms weaving butterflies, birds, flowers with their skilled fingers.
Toward the sunset the result of a long and fatiguing day was seen to the takings with needle and thread, the gugliata it shortened, while the cloth showed precious sparkling embroideries. He often kept on also working to end that masterpiece and to see him completely budded.
You tells that one day an elderly lady sorrentina, to the sunset he had not ended to embroider a flower on a bib yet, even if it warned the tiredness, it had the desire to complete it; it fixed so the sweet look toward a great cloud that turned him into a great bow and it slowly came down, the lady picked up the I snow in an edge of his/her veil. The angel I pray with her, until when the cloud became a thread of silk composing himself/herself/itself on the cloth and embroidering not still the flower completed. In little time the bib was ready and all the bells played to party, the stars became fair flowers of orange tree that went to cover all the gardens of the coastline doing yes that the peninsula sorrentina had the more beautiful gardens of orange tree.


  Le leggende sorrentine

La fanciulla alla quale Sorrento deve ( ! ) il suo nome…


Il mito delle Sirene


Il mito della Regina Giovanna


Le palme di confetti


Il miracolo di Sant'Antonino


Il bavaglino del bambino Gesù

  La sfogliatella Santa Rosa
  La campana a Punta Campanella
  La Pastiera



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I Monumenti da visitare:

  Antiche Mura
  Casa di Cornelia Tasso
  Cisternoni di Sorrento
  Excelsior Vittoria
  Museo Correale
  La Fontana (Via S.Antonino)
  Piazza Tasso
  Punta Campanella
  Sedile Dominova
  Sedile di Porta
  Vallone dei Mulini
  Via delle Grazie
  Via Pietà
  Via San Cesareo
  Chiesa di Sant'Antonino
  Chiesa di Sant'Anna
  Chiesa dell'Addolorata
  Chiesa della SS. Annunziata
  Chiesa di San Francesco
  Chiesa dei Santi Felice e Baccolo
  Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine
  Chiesa e Monastero di San Paolo
  Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie
  Chiesa dei Servi di Maria
  Chiostro di San Francesco
  Porte antiche:
  Porta di Marina Grande
  Porta di Parsano Nuova
  Porta di Marina Piccola
  Villa Comunale
  Villa Tritone
  Villa Fiorentino
  Villa Regina Giovanna


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