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  Le leggende sorrentine - la sfogliatella Santa Rosa  

Grandmother's recipes Rosaria (his/her grandmother recommends to taste the dishes in company and to accompany her with a glass of wine or liqueur local).





Ingredients: (For 50 glances)

1 kg. of flour
50 grs. of sugar
20gr of salt
Water q.b.

For the cream:
Milk's ¾
300 grs. of flour
300 grs. sugar
12 eggs

To loosen the salt and the sugar in some water, to pour him/it to the center of the fountain formed by the flour, to add other water and to do an I mix consistent.
To stretch I mix him with the thin matterello to get one it skims through thin and homogeneous. To anoint skims through her/it with the fused lard, to roll up same suse, well hold, minding not to leave empty. To leave to rest the roll, wound in a canvas, for a hour.
While pasta rests, you prepare the cream.
To put in a concave container from fire, flour, sugar and to pour little by little the milk watching out that clots are not formed. To put on the fire the pot and to always turn thin to get a very dense pasta. To remove from the fire and to add one to one the whole eggs. To according to of the consistence to add 10-11-12 eggs, the cream will have to always result consistent.
To take back the roll and to cut him/it to slices of the thickness of a finger. With the greasy fingers of lard to widen every slice coming with the thumb from the center toward the circumference and at the same time to make to rotate among the fingers the small one skims through. To this point it skims through her/it it has to be upside-down, otherwise it skims through of inside.
To put to the center of the skims through a spoon of cream and to fold up to half. To prepare the glances on the plate of the oven buttered. To bake to a temperature of 220 degrees for about twenty minutes.


  Le leggende sorrentine

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