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(Rate plaza, Street Correale, Museum Correale of Terranova, Corso Italy, Rate Plaza, Street S. Cesareo section, Museum-shop of the wooden tarsia)
Museum CORREALE (schedule: April - October 9.00-12.30, 17.00-19.00, November-March 9.00-12.30, 15.00-17.00; Sunday 9.00-12.30; closed Tuesday - tel. 081/8781846)
Museum Of the TARSIA Lignea - Building Pomarici-Santomasi, street St. Nicola, 28, Sorrento - tel. 0818771942 - open 10-13 and 15-18.30 (from October in June); 10-13 and 16-19.30 (from July in September) - closed Monday
The run proposes him to introduce a section of the history of Sorrento to the tourist through the vision of the manufactured articles that you/they have constituted a substratum of traditions in the artistic field of notable artistic thickness during the centuries and that they are preserved in the two museums sorrentini: Museum Correale and Museum - Shop of the tarsia. The only difficulty for the visitor is the distance that intervenes among the two museums, in fact it needs to cross the whole Sorrento. The positive counterpart is given by the possibility to admire, along the run, the other beauties of the town, to rest himself/herself/themselves and to make shopping. It is opportune to estimate an arc of ample time.
I begin run
The departure happens from Rate Plaza. It sets out us toward Street Correale, a planted with trees road, parallel to the Course Italy on which you/they lean out famous hotels of Sorrento, at the end of the road it appears in all of his/her beauty and simplicity the construction where the Museum is entertained Correale. From far of it the perspective façade can be admired on which a headstone recites the names of the travellers of the Grand Tour and famous characters in visit to Sorrento. Ill Museo divided in the 24 rooms are separated in various sections (archaeological, pictorial, of the porcelains).
To the exit from the Museum, he turns to the left and he proceeds long street Bartholomew Capasso, at the end of the road the Church of N.S is situated. of Lourdes, to the angle on the left an interesting visitable church only in the festive days, the Church of Sant'Onofrio, he turns to the right and Course Italy is crossed on which leans out The Agruminato in A. Lauro Plaza. Comes in Rate Plaza him it proceeds long Street St. Caesarian. During the walk the buildings can be admired that lean out you the numerous shops that propose products typical of local production.
Overcome Seat Dominova, he proceeds up to the intersection with Vico The Fuoro and him it proceeds along this last up to reach the intersection with Street St. Nicola, where, to the n. 28, are site the MuseoBottega of the wooden tarsia. This has been prepared inside a building of the Seven hundred one, of the family Pomarici-Santomasi, and you/he/she has been conceived by the architect Alessandro Fiorentino. The visit is very interesting because the Museum has an original plant that “it narrates” the historical stories of the tarsìa not only to Sorrento but inserted in an ampler context and it proposes him as “shop” in how much it intends to also turn to the young people with courses of formation to avoid that the job of the intarsiatore can suffer a process of aging and abandonment. The visitor you/they are introduced to the various techniques of the inlay and pieces of various typology can be admired, works of local and international artists.

At the end of the visit him ripercorrono to bashful the roads to return in Rate Plaza.


  Itinerari Consigliati

Dalle origini al Settecento (Percorso storico-artistico)


Un viaggio a ritroso nel tempo: dall’oggi al passato. (Percorso storico)


Andare per musei


Itinerario di fede


Lungo la costa… aspetti geomorfologici, la vegetazione, le villae romane, i fondali


Tutto l’anno “a spasso” per il mare: pescaturismo ed immersioni

  Le leggende sorrentine

La fanciulla alla quale Sorrento deve ( ! ) il suo nome…


Il mito delle Sirene


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Le palme di confetti


Il miracolo di Sant'Antonino


Il bavaglino del bambino Gesù

  La sfogliatella Santa Rosa
  La campana a Punta Campanella
  La Pastiera





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I Monumenti da visitare:

  Antiche Mura
  Casa di Cornelia Tasso
  Cisternoni di Sorrento
  Excelsior Vittoria
  Museo Correale
  La Fontana (Via S.Antonino)
  Piazza Tasso
  Punta Campanella
  Sedile Dominova
  Sedile di Porta
  Vallone dei Mulini
  Via delle Grazie
  Via Pietà
  Via San Cesareo
  Chiesa di Sant'Antonino
  Chiesa di Sant'Anna
  Chiesa dell'Addolorata
  Chiesa della SS. Annunziata
  Chiesa di San Francesco
  Chiesa dei Santi Felice e Baccolo
  Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine
  Chiesa e Monastero di San Paolo
  Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie
  Chiesa dei Servi di Maria
  Chiostro di San Francesco
  Porte antiche:
  Porta di Marina Grande
  Porta di Parsano Nuova
  Porta di Marina Piccola
  Villa Comunale
  Villa Tritone
  Villa Fiorentino
  Villa Regina Giovanna


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